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3 months (Jun - Aug 2018)


Sandra Wu
Michelle Wu


Market research
Web design


Adobe Suite
Google Analytics
Google Ads




MONDIA is a traditional business providing elevator service, repair, modernization and new installation


01   Faced changes brought about by ongoing technological development and

       changing consumer behaviors

02   Lack of online exposure


Build a web presence to boost online exposure and reach more potential consumers



After identifying the client’s goal, I started to conduct research to gain a comprehensive picture of elevator market and further understand client's business situation.
Competitor Analysis

There are around 65 brands/companies in Taiwan’s elevator market. 57% of these companies are located in Northern Taiwan, the 20% are located in Central Taiwan, the 3% are located in Southern Taiwan and the rest 20% are inclined to be nationwide and have branches in other Asian countries. As MONDIA is located in Central Taiwan, its main competitors are nationwide brands and those in close geographical proximity

SWOT Analysis
Group 88.png


Based on the findings that I gathered from research, I created a persona in order to guide the design decisions through the process.
User Persona
Group 91.png


After identifying our target user, I got a better sense of how they might navigate through the site. As target user is inclined to gather information they need quickly, I determined to adopt one-page web design to make the navigation easier. Besides, it would load faster and perform better on mobile devices, which target user used to search. Next, I created a user flow accordingly because it could informed us of the interactions that we would need to consider during the design process.
User Flow Diagram
Frame 25.png
Design Highlight 01 → Simplicity and aesthetics 
While conducting competitor analysis, I noticed that other competitors' websites seemed more crowded and tended to have dense sections of text, little white space and multiple focal points on one page. In order to differentiate client's brand from others, I decided to follow the rule of simplicity by adopting simple interfaces, short and snappy navigation and concise content. In addition, I utilized animation and sketches to draw viewers' attention and meanwhile signify that client's products emphasize aesthetic design
Design Highlight 02 → Build an anchor menu
Regarding website structure, it would follow a flat architecture strategy in order to make it possible to access each section on website quickly. Therefore, I added an anchor menu and made each menu item linking to different section of the same page 
Screenshot 2023-10-06 at 7.51.48 AM.png
Design Highlight 03 → Mobile-friendly
Most people find information from a smartphone rather than a desktop. That is to say, website needs to look and function well on mobile as it does on desktop. With an eye to improving mobile experience, I also added a chat widget (quick action bar) to mobile site to help visitors reach out instantly from their mobile devices


In the wake of website launch, I utilized AARRR framework (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue) as the metrics to assess the website's effectiveness and success.It turned out that website helped reaching more potential customers and further brought new sales opportunities for MONDIA.


01 Utilize iterative design
Throughout the design process, I realized that using iterative design  enabled me to continuously collect feedback and incorporate changes quickly. In the meantime, it allowed stakeholders to see how the project is progressing and ensure that their requirements are being met with every new iteration
02 Balancing aesthetics and usability
A good website should allow visitors to understand what it offers  (services or product) as quickly and easily as possible. That is to say, usability play an important role. However, a website's aesthetics can influence a brand's perception and user experience. Therefore, it is crucial to find the correct balance between these two subjects
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