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A workflow management platform simplifying work process and saving time on inefficient communication
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Project type

Client project


5 months (Sep 2018 - Feb 2019)




Adobe Suite



Allows technicians to report task status and check task details without calling administrative staff
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Backend System

Allows administrative staff to schedule and assign tasks quickly and faultlessly



MONDIA is an elevator company providing services of installing, maintaining and repairing elevator systems. Their daily workflow involved lots of manual effort. Administrative staff had to schedule and assign tasks to technicians


01     Administrative staff spent a lot of time on scheduling and assigning

         tasks to technicians

02     Administrative staff assigned the same task to different technicians 

         due to miscommunication

03     Technicians needed to call administrative staff while finishing

         assigned tasks or having questions about previous task details


Administrative staff was writing task tickets


Technician was calling staff to inquire about task details


01     Help administrative staff reduce time spent on task assignment

02     Help administrative staff reduce assignment errors

03     Help technicians finish daily tasks on schedule


After understanding the client’s goal, I started to conduct research to delve into administrative staff and technicians' daily workflow.
Fly On The Wall Observation

One-week  observation in MONDIA’s office and two-day field research with a technician in order to observe administrative staff and technicians’ daily work routine 


Observing administrative staff’s daily routine in MONDIA’s office

User Interview

• Focus group: let administrative staff and

   technicians to discuss their workflows and

   share their opinions

• Semi-structured interview: asked follow-up

   questions and delved into their thoughts and



Employees were sharing their opinions about workflows

Key Insights

01     Administrative staff wanted to make assignment process less tedious

         and align with other staff so as to reduce the errors

02     Technicians hoped to report task status and check previous task

         details easily and quickly

03     Both of them thought that they spent much time communicating and

         wanted to communicate in a timely manner


Based on the findings that I gathered from research, I created two personas for two types of employees in order to guide the design decisions through the process.
User Personas
persona - staff.png


Firstly, we identified administrative staff and technicians' existing work process, which involved lots of manual efforts and was time-consuming.
⇠ Before: Existing workflow

Administrative staff


→ After: Workflow management platform
In order to simplify existing workflow and address administrative staff and technicians' problems accordingly, we decided to digitize the workflow. First, we created the information architecture of workflow management platform. The platform was divided into two parts. App is technician-facing and backend system is staff-facing. 
app architecture.png

Administrative staff


App is more accessible to technicians as they are always on-the go

Backend system is more suitable for administrative staff to input data and process task assignment

Once we built out the structure, we started to design the detailed functions that could address administrative staff and technicians' problems.
Problem 01
Administrative staff spent lots of time on finding clients in close distance and arranging tasks accordingly
⇠ Before: Paper-based processes

Administrative staff had to go through clients' details and listed those in close proximity as one area

They also needed to manually fill out task details for each task

→ After: Digital workflow
On backend system dashboard, we designed 4 tabs. In "System Flowchart", administrative staff created a profile for each client and input their details and assigned area. When administrative staff needed to tasks for certain area, they could go to "Work Plan Ticket" and choose certain area. Clients in the same area would appear in the form. Then administrative staff could choose the client they wanted to assign a task for, the system would autofill this client's details.

Administrative staff could assign an area for each client in their profile

iMac 24 inch.png

The system would autofill the highlighted fields, which save administrative staff the time of filling out task details

iMac 24 inch-1.png
Problem 02
Assignment errors happened due to miscommunication
⇠ Before: Reassigned the same task if administrative staff didn't communicate clearly

Administrative staff

→ After: Synchronous task assignment status
After administrative staff created a task in "Work Plan Ticket", the system would generate a task ticket number. Administrative staff had to go to "Task Assignment", input this ticket number and assign the task to a technician. Once the task was assigned, it would appear in the form. In this way, every administrative staff would know what tasks were assigned and further prevent them from reassigning the same task.

The form, highlighted in orange box, would display task assignment status so as to prevent the situation of reassignment

Problem 03
Inefficient communication between administrative staff and technicians
⇠ Before: Technicians spent much time making unnecessary calls

Administrative staff

technician flow.png


→ After: Directly report task status and check previous task details in App
In order to help technicians report task status and check previous task details without keeping calling administrative staff, we created two in-app features, report task status and check previous tasks.

Technicians can tap "Daily Schedule", then locate their assigned tasks and start the task. When finishing the task, they can just tap "Complete" to report the status

Technicians can tap "Task Tickets Inquiry", then use "Search Condition" to find the task they're looking for and check the details


After launching this workflow management platform, administrative staff's assignment error rates decreased from 5% to 0%. As the time spent on assignment process declined, their labor cost reduced by 34%. Regarding technicians' performance, their task completion rate increased from 75% to 88%. Overall, it helped both of them spend less time on repetitive tasks and inefficient communication and meanwhile increase productivity at work.

Administrative staff was assigning tasks on backend system and technician was checking task ticket on app


Technician was reporting task status via app


01 The importance of onboarding users to app
A good onboarding experience can reduce users' time to familiarize themselves with app. Besides, it can show them how these features would solve their problems
02 Align interests between different stakeholders
When a conflict of interest arises in the team, you have to facilitate effective communications between parties and help finding acceptable compromises
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